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Born in Los Angeles, MŌNA honors its Californian roots by hand-selecting the best cannabis from highly noted cannabis farms in California, giving us access to exclusive cannabis strains that aren’t often seen on the market. 


Our extracts are all-natural, devoid of additives, artificial fillers, and flavors. Each sauce is tested for consistent potency, flavor, aesthetics, and intended effect—all of which combine to spark your creativity when you need it most. 


Whether you’re looking to kick-start your day, ignite the creative process, or unwind after a long day, let MŌNA help you find your zone. 

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From 1g jars of THCA-rich sauce to infused pre-rolls, each MŌNA product includes live resin. Here’s a closer look at what we currently offer:


1g Live resin jars: Unleash your creativity with our potent, flagship product. Our live resin is made from hand-selected fresh frozen cannabis extracted with butane before it is transformed into a terpene-rich sauce with THCA crystals. Dab it or add it to flower for a more potent, flavorful experience.  


Live resin cartridges: Our live resin carts are made from the highest quality live resin sauce without fillers, additives, and artificial flavors—just terpene-rich extract—making them some of the most potent carts available. 


1g Live resin-infused pre-rolls: Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of high-quality THC flower, infused with live resin inside the joint. The flowers are covered in an abundance of trichomes and have a frosty appearance.



“I have been an avid cannabis user for almost 50 years. I had pretty much given up on cartridges and pre-rolls. The stuff tastes horrible and isn’t strong at all. A close friend told me that I had to try MŌNA. So I did. I bought one pre-roll and one cartridge. The pre-roll had excellent flower. The purple anarchy was really tasty and strong and I love the live resin infusion. You can see it on the paper. It was an excellent pre-roll quality all the way. The cartridge was also live resin and so much stronger and cleaner tasting than distillate cartridges which I’ve grown to hate. I thanked my friend for turning me onto MŌNA products. This is obviously a brand that puts quality first. I hope they are around for a very long time.”

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