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Dabbing For Dummies

Updated: May 12, 2021

Dabbing is a way of life when you’re part of the MŌNA family. Our potent and pure live resin extract is made to be dabbed. If you want to have the best high you’ve ever experienced, you should know how to dab. If you don’t, we’re happy to teach you a thing or two!

Why Dab?

Because live resin extraction is a delicate process that involves mixing a number of solvents and chemicals, it is no surprise that smoking it is a delicate process, too. When you heat live resin or another cannabis concentrate product to a certain temperature, it releases 50%-80% pure THC vapor devoid of plant matter and the carcinogens that come with them. Dabbing is the best way to get the purest and most potent high anywhere.

What do I need to start dabbing?

Before you dab, you have to ensure that you have everything you’re going to need. Making your own rig can be really dangerous and can make or break your smoking experience. We recommend going all in and purchasing all of your dabbing equipment from a reputable seller.

  1. A dab rig

  2. A nail (or e-nail)

  3. A dabber

  4. A carb cap (if you purchase an e-nail with the carb cap built-in, you can skip this one.)

  5. A mini torch

  6. Cannabis extract of choice- check out our premium live resin! We have a few flavorful options to choose from like Beyond Blueberry and Zombie Fieldz.

Rules of thumb

Know the THC content of your concentrate before you smoke it. When you’re smoking hash oil, live resin, or a similar concentrate, make sure that you’re not smoking more than you can take. This is potent stuff, so we definitely advise portioning out live resin into smaller pieces so that you know how many mgs you’re inhaling at any given time.

Start small. You’re likely here because this is your first dabbing experience. Micro dabbing is totally a thing. Besides, it’s good to know what your tolerance is.

Sit down if it’s your first time dabbing. This is potent stuff, so we want to make sure you’re staying safe!

How do I do it?

1.) Turn on your torch and heat up your nail. Do not hold the nail in your hand while you’re doing this. Most do this until the nail starts to turn red hot.

2.) Once the nail is hot, cut the torch and give it time to cool. If you have a quartz nail, 45 seconds should do the trick. If your nail’s made of titanium, 10 seconds is perfect.

(When using an electric nail, or e-nail, you won’t need to use a blowtorch- making it the safer option. You can also set the e-nail to your preferred temperature without having to worry about it being too hot to touch. We recommend shooting for a temperature between 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit for first-timers. Here’s a great video on e-nail dabbing that you can check out!)

3.) Apply your apportioned concentrate of choice right to the nail with your dabber and begin inhaling slowly.

4.) Use your carb cap to cover your dab rig and finish inhaling. The carb cap will help with airflow regulation. Some e-nails come with the carb cap built-in, so you can skip this one if yours does!

5.) Exhale and reach your best high in no time at all!

Let us know how your first time goes!

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