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All About MONA Live Resin Cartridges

Updated: May 12, 2021

What makes them special and why you should care?

You’ve seen one cart, you’ve seen ’em all… right? Wrong. You’ve never seen a cart like ours! At MŌNA, we pride ourselves on premium quality cannabis products. So, when you see the MŌNA halo, you know you’re in for the best high you’ve ever had. If you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll know that we produce premium live resin and live resin-infused products, and our cartridges are no exception. If you’ve never tried our live resin carts before, they might be worth a closer look.

Premium Live Resin, Filled To The Top!

We don’t skimp! We fill every MŌNA cartridge to the brim (that’s 500MG) with our premium farm-to-consumer live resin sauce. Our sauce is terpene and THC rich which increases not only the aroma but the flavor with each and every hit, guaranteed. Our live resin carts have the perfect balance of fantastic flavor and the potency you crave, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these customer testimonials from folks just like you who sought an unbeatable high and found it with MŌNA.

Live Resin Carts Give You Control

Everyone knows that pure live resin sauce is tricky to smoke for first-timers but the MŌNA live resin cart makes it easy! Vape pens control doses so you can worry less about overdoing it and focus more on getting the high you deserve! When you use cartridges, you can lite up whenever wherever for maximum control. Our tiny, portable cart can be placed in your pocket, zipped in a backpack compartment, stored in a purse. You can take MŌNA with you anywhere and everywhere you go!

No Custom Pen Needed

We’re not like Apple. We don’t make custom MŌNA vape pens that only work with our product. Our only concern is creating a premium cannabis experience easy for our users to achieve, so you can use your own vape pen. No weird, expensive gizmos or attachments needed! Just a low-stress live sauce experience that will blow you away!

Amazing Flavors, Incredible Highs

Right now, we have live resin carts in our MŌNA Chill and MŌNA Create lines. The MŌNA Chill cart is filled with an Indica dominant hybrid we’ve called Star Berry thanks to its blueberry and strawberry flavor profile. Our MŌNA Create cartridge is filled with our award-winning Sativa strain called AK-47. Its earthy, woody, ammonia flavor profile and fruity scent uplift and relaxes high-seekers! To date, AK-47 has won 16 awards including 1st Hash at the Barcelona High Life Cup in 2005, 1st Sativa at the Toronto Treating Yourself Expo in 2011 and 3rd Hybrid at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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