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Our Top 6 Ways to Chill with MONA

Updated: May 12, 2021

So imagine- you’re trying to find a way to unwind after eight hours of nose-to-the-grindstone work and maybe your anxiety is getting the better of you. When our minds are no longer occupied with work-related noise, we tend to fill the void with work-related or life stressors. This is why the art of chilling has gotten so important to learn in the last year. When we learn to step away and keep cool, we not only improve our physical health but our mental health, too.

At MONA, we care about each and every one of our customers. Your health and sanity are important to us, so we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to chill with you!

Pro-tip: Don’t doom scroll on social media while you’re chilling! That totally defeats the purpose.

Hit that MONA Chill!

MONA Chill is an Indica dominant hybrid that we’ve engineered to enable maximum relaxation. MONA Chill’s subtle berry notes is a real crowd-pleaser! Take a deep breath and let all your thoughts and worries from the day fall away. MONA Chill comes in:

  • Live Resin – Beyond Blueberry

  • Cartridges- Star Berry

  • Pre-Rolls- Purple Anarchy

Meditate with Soothing Sounds

We recommend mind-emptying meditation paired with a sound that soothes you. The sounds you choose can be anything from a crackling fire to meditation music. Anything that brings you into a state of calm, goes! Just remember to take deep cleansing breaths! Here’s a great video on meditative breathing to help you chase your chill.


We carry a lot of tension in our shoulders and back at work and this can sometimes cause discomfort. We recommend stretching out those areas to relax those tensed muscles. When your body is relaxed, your mind becomes more relaxed, too. Try out these great spine lengthening stretches!

Child’s Pose– “Kneel on the floor and sit back on your heels with your toes together and your knees hip-width apart. On an exhale, lower your torso between your knees and extend your arms alongside your torso with your palms facing down. Relax your shoulders toward the ground, and take long, deep breaths. Rest in the pose for as long as needed.” – Yoga Journal

Seated Spinal Twist– “Start by sitting on the floor, with your legs straight out in front of you and your arms behind your back. Place your hands on the floor behind you with your fingers facing away from you. Take your left foot and place it flat on the ground on the outside of your right knee. Inhale and bring your right arm up.” – Mayo Clinic

Chin to Chest– “Gently bend the head forward, bringing the chin toward the chest until a stretch is felt in the back of the neck.” – Resurgens Orthopaedics

Ear to Shoulder– “Bend the neck to one side as if to touch the ear to the shoulder until a stretch is felt in the side of the neck. Keep the shoulders down and back in a comfortable but healthy posture.” – Resurgens Orthopaedics

Tabletop– “Come to the floor on your hands and knees. Bring the knees hip-width apart, with the feet directly behind the knees. Bring the palms directly under the shoulders with the fingers facing forward. Look down between the palms and allow the back to be flat. Press into the palms to drop the shoulders slightly away from the ears. Press the tail bone towards the back wall and the crown of the head towards the front wall to lengthen the spine.” – Yoga Basics

CatCow– “From the Tabletop pose, inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest, and gaze up toward the ceiling. Broaden across your shoulder blades and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Move into Cat Pose on an exhale, draw your belly to your spine, and round your back toward the ceiling. The pose should look like a cat stretching its back. Release the crown of your head toward the floor, but don’t force your chin to your chest. Inhale, coming back into Cow Pose, and then exhale as you return to Cat Pose. Repeat 5-20 times, and rest by sitting back on your heels with your torso upright.” – Yoga Outlet

Kneeling Lunge– “Starting on both knees, move one leg forward so the foot is flat on the ground, keeping weight evenly distributed through both hips. Place both hands on the top of the thigh, and gently lean the body forward to feel a stretch in the front of the other leg. This stretch affects the hip flexor muscles and lower back.” – Spine Health

Knee to Chest Stretch– “Lay on your back and put both heels on the floor while bending your legs at the knees. Take both hands and put them behind one of your knees, bringing it up to your chest. Take long, deep breaths. Repeat with the other leg.” – Resurgens Orthopaedics

Back Flexion Stretch– “Still on your back, pull both your knees up to your chest and push your head forward until you feel a gentle stretch. This will stretch both your lower back and your neck.” –Resurgens Orthopaedics

Lay Flat on Your Back– Lay flat on your back with your legs straight and arms at your sides. Do not clench your muscles. Just take deep, measured breaths until you are fully relaxed.

Netflix and Chill?

If your mind is still wandering to unsavory subjects, get your mind off of it by streaming a new TV show or film that you’ve been meaning to watch at some point. When you watch something new, your mind will be so busy unpacking all of the new content you’re giving it that you’ll be way too preoccupied to worry about other things.

Create Something

At MONA, we love relaxing while we draw, paint, write and make music. This is a great opportunity to lose yourself in the creation process. When you decide to be creative to wind down, ensure that you’re in the right mindset. Don’t place any expectations upon yourself. Rather, allow your mind to wander or focus on bringing something from your mind into reality. Even if you decide to sit down behind your keyboard to play a song that’s been stuck in your head all day, it’s all good. Do what feels right!

Remember: Whatever you create when you relax is amazing. Perfectionism has no place when you’re vibin'.

Getaway from the Madness

Sometimes, the solution is the most literal one. When you’re feeling cooped up and just want to get some fresh air after work, getting away from the hustle and bustle with a hammock in tow is a great idea. Setting out for a few hours on the beach, in the woods, or wherever you love to relax will literally transition you from one place to another, physically and mentally. Bring a book, a sketch pad, snacks, or some MONA Chill to get you in the zone.

Pro-tip: Make sure you check the weather before you go!

What is your favorite way to chill?

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